Rocchetta Inc.

Rocchetta Inc. is the parent company for Diverso Insurance Services. Diverso Insurance Services is the latest DBA to operate under Rocchetta Inc. Diverso Insurance Services is a full-service virtual agency born out of necessity during the 2020 Pandemic. It provides personalized, specialized insurance services and finds unique ways to meet clients' needs. Since its inception in 1995, Rocchetta Inc has had 3 DBAs that it has owned and operated.

Its first DBA was Movies & More in Des Plaines, IL. Movies & More was a vibrant retail video rental business that rivaled its competition in the neighborhood – even outlasted the local Blockbuster. Movies & More was sold in 2004 and continued to thrive until about 2016.

The second DBA was Aardvark Insurance Agency in Chicago, IL. Aardvark Insurance Agency was a full-service agency with a brick-and-mortar location in the diverse Uptown neighborhood. Aardvark Insurance Agency was sold in 2019.

The name Rocchetta comes from the name of Lucio's parent's hometown in Italy, Rocchetta A Volturno. Family, culture and origins are important to Lucio and it was his way to show pride and honor for his parents and his family origins.


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